Terms and conditions

General Terms of Business

1. Conclusion of contract

The customer’s order at the RUD Online-shop is a binding offer. The contract of sale is completed when theseller confirms the receipt of the order in written form, or when the seller dispatches the goods.

1.1 Place of fulfilment: Place of fulfilment is Aalen.

1.2 Place of jurisdiction

1.2.1 All current and future claims / requirements from the business relationship with merchants, includingcheck and notes receivable, the place of jurisdiction is exclusively in Aalen.

1.2.2 The same applies, if the purchaser has no general jurisdiction in Germany, moved after the conclusion ofcontract, the relocation of the residence in Germany to another country or the place of residence is notknown at the time of the action.

2. Prices and terms of payment

2.1 The purchase price of the goods are in Euro, inclusive of value added tax (VAT). Freight charges - please see point 5.

2.2 Sales are made by either the debit of a valid credit card, or the debit of any other valid account held by thecustomer.

2.3 Import duties are charged only for shipments to countries outside the EU. The amount of import dutydepends on the local legislation, and therefore cannot be specified.

3. Procedure of the order

The order occurs in six steps:

3.1 Step 1: Commence online-order
The ordering procedure commences when the purchaser selects articles and adds the selected items totheir shopping cart. Next, select your chosen method of delivery, then press the button “proceed tocheckout”. This activates the online order process.

3.2 Step 2: Customer status
For existing customers – the buyer simply enters his username and password. The ordering process willthen skip to step 4 by pressing the button “proceed to checkout”.

3.3 Step 3: Enter personal data
For new customers - enter your personal data where indicated. The data required consists of: Company, First name, Last name, Address, Postal Code, City, Country andE-mail address. All fields indicated with an asterisk (*) have to be completed. In instances where thedelivery address is different to the invoice address, please complete the field “deliver to address”. Theprocess of the order will continue with clicking the button “next”.

Your personal information is protected by the common standard SSL (Secure Sockets Layer Protocol),this software fully encrypts and protects all of your previously entered personal data. The SSL ensuresthat your data is not assessable by any other parties over the internet. Your personal data is used only forthe process of the order in accordance with the regulations of the Federal Data Protection Art.

3.4 Step 4: Select payment method
Payments can be made either by credit card or bank transfer. When paying by credit card, all card detailsare required to be entered, this includes: credit card number, expiry date, name of the card holder andCCV code (3 digits on the back of your card). For payment by bank transfer, the following information is required: account holder, bank name, bankstate branch number (BSB) and the account number. The security of the payment method is automatically guaranteed by the SSL protocol. Please tick the box where indicated to accept our terms and conditions. The process of the order willcontinue with clicking the button “next”.

3.5 Step 5: Order detail / confirmation
The confirmation page will show you your order. Any changes or amendments can be made by selectingthe button “change order”.

3.6 Step 6: Order confirmation
 To re-view your order information and confirmation - select the button “order”. Check all order details andconfirmation that all is correct - a copy of the order will then be provided by e-mail to the email addresspreviously supplied.

4. Delivery time

The delivery times are subject to change. The seller cannot be responsible for the delay of goods due tounforeseen circumstances. Examples of such circumstances may consist of: customs handling delays;breakdowns; stoppages etc.

5. Packaging, dispatch and transport insurance

5.1 The costs for the packaging and transport insurance are included in the freight charges.

5.2 The freight charges are shown separately on the order.

6. Reservation of proprietary rights

The goods remain the property of the seller until payment is received in full.

7. Return of the goods

In the event of the assertion of the right of withdrawal according to §§ 312d Abs.1 Satz 1, 355 BGB the goodsare to be sent at the senders risk to the following address:

RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH u. Co KG
GL-E-Shop Service
Friedensinsel, 73432 Aalen/Germany

The seller pays for the return charge.

When returned goods are receipted with the supplier, the buyer will receive a refund of the purchase price, plusany freight charges previously incurred.

8. Defect in quality

8.1 Demands of the buyer, due to defects in the quality of the goods, fall under the statue of limitation after 2years from the date of delivery.

8.2 In the event of any faults or defects occurring in the goods, the buyer has the right to choose betweenrepair, replacement, or a credit note can be issued. Legal rights of defect as to quality remain unaffected.

8.3 The buyer can request a repair, replacement or credit from the seller on returning the goods by enclosinga detailed description of the fault or defect.

8.4 The returned goods are to be sent to the following address:

RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH u. Co KG
GL-E-Shop Service
Friedensinsel, 73432 Aalen/Germany

8.5 The buyer will receive a refund of all costs incurred for returning the goods after the the fault/defect hasbeen assessed by the supplier and found to be valid.

8.6 Section 8 - Defects to quality is not liable for any damages claim. Damages claims applies in section 9 -Liability.

9. Liability

9.1 If the seller, as a result of legal requirements has to pay for damage that was caused by slight negligence,the Seller's liability is limited. The liability is limited to breach of contractual obligations, including thosethat impose the sales contract and the seller to its content and purpose, or just want to fulfil their properperformance of the sales contract in the first place and to enable compliance with the customer regularlyand must rely on trust. This liability is limited to typical foreseeable damages at contract completion.

9.2 Regardless of any fault of the seller remains a seller's potential liability, fraudulent concealment of thedefect, untouched from the assumption of a guarantee or a procurement risk and under the ProductLiability Act.

9.3 Excluded is the personal liability of legal representatives, servants and employees of the seller fordamages caused by ordinary negligence. For you the buyer, with the exception of the legalrepresentatives and executives staff caused the damage through gross negligence shall be regulated inthis regard according to the seller liability.

9.4 Liability of this section shall not apply to injuries to life, body and health.

10. Choice of law

For the purchase order and for all litigation, which arise from the order and the implementation of the order, isthe German law to the exclusion of IPR (International Law) and the United Nations Convention on Contracts forthe International Sale of Goods (CISG) valid.