RUD TECDOS TSB: Efficient tool handling by hand.

New tool separator for tools up to 2.5 tonnes. RUD is further expanding its Mould Handling Solutions division.

Goodbye chisel and hammer and hello to the new kind of manual tool handling! RUD Tecdos TSB (short for Tool Separator Bench) is the name of the latest innovation from RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH und Co. KG located in Aalen, Baden-Württemberg. With the RUD Tecdos TSB, opening and closing tools weighing up to 2.5 tonnes is now particularly quick and simple, and can be done simply by hand. That's right, entirely without additional gripping tools. Cool for the workflow in the injection moulding industry: The opened mould halves can be cleaned and serviced directly on the tool separator - thanks to the 360 degree rotation function. RUD Tecdos TSB is already the fourth RUD innovation for efficient tool handling. The specialist is thus further expanding its RUD Mould Handling Solutions division and once again establishing itself as a solution provider for integrated mould handling.  More information:  

“Moulds and tools weighing up to 2.5 tonnes present many users in the injection moulding industry with a dilemma: They are too heavy for manual opening and closing, but the use of larger auxiliary equipment is not efficient either. With the RUD Tecdos TSB, we offer an adequate solution for efficient and safe opening and closing,” explains Anne Kühling, Product Manager in the Conveyor & Drive division at RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH & Co.

RUD TECDOS TSB for tools up to 2.5 tonnes

The new RUD TECDOS TSB tool separator is suitable for tools and moulds up to 2.5 tonnes. It facilitates manually guided and controlled TECDOS opening and closing, entirely without the use of gripping tools or additional electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic energy. Light and medium-weight moulds can be opened and closed easily, quickly, safely, and ergonomically by hand using only the two sliding plates. Time-consuming disassembly of hoses, connections and other components is not necessary.

The RUD TECDOS TSB is available in two versions with different sized plates of 60 cm x 30 cm or 80 cm x 40 cm. Thanks to the low working surface of 31 cm, working on the new tool separator is particularly ergonomic.

Optimised workflow and top efficiency.

The sliding plates of the RUD TECDOS TSB have a special feature in store: they are not only movable, for opening and closing the moulds and tools, but can also be rotated through 360 degrees. This allows the opened mould halves to be rotated vertically around their own axis - for easy inspection, cleaning, and maintenance directly on the work surface of the mould opener. By means of a locking mechanism, the plates can be fixed in place for machining the tool.

RUD TECDOS TSB can be operated simply, safely, and quickly by just one person. “With our latest innovation, we not only shorten handling times, but also the operating time of the employees for a doubly optimised process in tool handling,” emphasises Kühling. Thanks to its low weight and compact dimensions, the new RUD TECDOS TSB can be used flexibly throughout the factory.

Mould Handling Solutions by RUD

RUD offers the right solution for every stage of work in tool handling. The RUD TECDOS TM is simply made for the maintenance and repair of moulds and tools up to 64 tonnes. It turns and rotates tools and moulds weighing several tonnes - and all within a minute. The RUD TECDOS TS tool separator opens and closes injection moulding, stamping, and forming tools weighing up to 10 tonnes in just a few seconds. The RUD TECDOS TS requires a maximum of five minutes for the entire opening process, thereby revolutionising processes in production, maintenance, and repair.

Like the new RUD TECDOS TSB, the RUD TECDOS TMB industrial workbench is designed for tools and moulds weighing up to 2.5 tonnes. With the 2-in-1 combination of industrial workbench and turnover device, light and medium-weight injection moulds can not only be turned efficiently and safely, but also serviced directly on site. “Together with our RUD TECDOS TMB, our new RUD TECDOS TSB offers an ideal combination of tool turner and tool separator,” says Kühling.

Process optimisation and occupational safety: the demand is high

When handling moulds and tools weighing several tonnes, but also lighter ones, a lot can be gained by working efficiently and safely, especially in maintenance and servicing. It not only saves time and costs, but also protects the infrastructure in the companies and pays into the occupational safety of the employees.

Just how great the need for process optimisation and occupational safety is, especially in the injection moulding industry, is something that RUD has witnessed in recent years. “Ten years ago, we developed our first innovation, the RUD TECDOS TM turning table. Our other solutions followed within the last three years. For all four developments - RUD TECDOS TM, RUD TECDOS TS, RUD TECDOS TMB and most recently RUD TECDOS TSB - the impetus came directly from the market,” clarifies Kühling. “For us, it is therefore only logical to focus our RUD Mould Handling Solutions division even more strongly and to expand it further”.

Author: Sabrina Deininger