Ergonomic and safe

In the modern industrial world, it is essential to rely on ergonomic and safe working methods. With RUD Mold Handling products, efficiency and safety are no longer a contradiction. Each of our products is specially designed to make everyday work not only more productive, but also safer. Optimal weight distribution, user-friendly handling and durable designs set new standards in ergonomics and occupational safety. Discover how RUD can revolutionise your work processes. Bet on a future where safety and efficiency go hand in hand and transform your workplace with RUD Mold Handling products. Less risk, more performance - that is our promise.

Safe working

Conventional turning devices as well as opening and closing operations pose an enormous risk to the operator. In addition to damage to expensive molds and dies due to skewing, handling also poses great risks to the health of employees. The RUD MOLD HANDLING SOLUTIONS guarantee easy and safe movement of a wide variety of molds.

Ergonomic work

With the RUD MOLD HANDLING SOLUTIONS, injection molds and dies weighing tons can be turned, opened and closed ergonomically, safely and in a time-saving manner. The facilitated handling of sensitive and heavy molds and dies is gentle on your employees at the industrial workplace and can prevent serious damage to joints and spine.