The revolution in mould handling.

For 10 years RUD MOULD HANDLING SOLUTION has been revolutionising mould handling in the injection moulding industry. We put occupational safety and accuracy first and foremost when it comes to rotating, opening, and closing moulds and tools that can weigh many tonnes, using methods that save both time and resources. Thanks to our turning device RUD TECDOS TMB an the mould flipper

RUD TECDOS TM, dangerous turning maneuvers, whether performed manually or with a crane, are now a thing of the past. The manual mould splitter RUD TECDOS TSB and the electric mould separator RUD TECDOS TS is designed to separate and close molds. You can benefit from our comprehensive advice and services.



Process optimisation and occupational safety when handling injection moulds and injection moulding tools weighing several tonnes.

The injection moulding industry requires a precise, clear and modern way of working. RUD offers all this and more for mould handling. We not only enable efficient mould and die handling, but also promote an ergonomic working method and thus employee protection and occupational safety. In addition, we accelerate the turning and opening process at the touch of a button and protect tools, machines and operating equipment.


RUD TECDOS TM turning device
The RUD TECDOS TM turning table is ideal for mould handling, maintenance and servicing of injection moulds and dies weighing up to 64 tonnes. Such massive moulds and tools can be moved and rotated safely and smoothly in one minute with this unit.


Electric mould opening RUD TECDOS TS
The RUD TECDOS TS is a combined electric mould opening device. It is capable of opening and closing injection moulds, stamping and forming tools weighing up to 10 tonnes. This method takes no more than five minutes and optimises workflows in manufacturing, maintenance and repair.


Turning table RUD TECDOS TMB
The RUD TECDOS TMB, a 2-in-1 industrial workbench and turning table, enables efficient and safe turning of light to medium-heavy injection moulds and dies weighing up to 2.5 tonnes. Moulds and tools can be serviced directly on site with this unit.

RUD TECDOS TSB manual mould opener
The RUD TECDOS TSB manual mould opener opens and closes injection moulds and tools weighing up to 2.5 t without a chisel or hammer. This device enables quick and easy operation. The opened mould halves can be cleaned and serviced directly at the mould opener thanks to the 360-degree rotatability.


With these innovative solutions from RUD for handling moulds in the injection moulding industry, work processes can be optimised, occupational safety improved and damage to machines and equipment avoided. It is an investment that pays off!

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