RUD MOULD HANDLING SOLUTIONS have been used successfully in a huge variety of projects, for turning, rotating, and tilting massively heavy injection moulding moulds in a matter of seconds.

Rotate massively heavy moulds and tools safely with the RUD TECDOS TM.

Smooth and ergonomic turning of moulds and tools weighing tonnes.

RUD TECDOS TM with individual support frames and recesses.

Individual support frames make it easier to position the tool. Recesses can be cut in the turning table to make it easier to turn tools and moulds with attachments.

Rotate moulds quickly and easily with the RUD TECDOS TM turning table.

The RUD TECDOS TM is sunk into the floor, for ease of operation. This enables moulds to be rotated easily and conveniently.

The RUD TECDOS TM ensures safety for operator and machine.

The work platform around the RUD TECDOS TM protects operators and the machine from serious workplace accidents.

RUD TECDOS TM with table top extension.

Extends table width to ensure optimum tool positioning for mould housing construction.

RUD TECDOS TM with safety equipment.

The RUD TECDOS TM with PE plates, protective sheet and guard bracket protects the operator and the tool alike.

RUD TECDOS TM turning table with especially heat-resistant surfaces.

Especially heat-resistant surfaces on the RUD TECDOS TM protect moulds up to 550 degrees Centigrade.

Start work on moulds quickly with the RUD TECDOS TMB industrial workbench with turning device.

Thanks to the RUD TECDOS TMB, tools and moulds can be worked on directly on the turning device.

RUD TECDOS TMB industrial workbench with turning device: easy to move.

The RUD TECDOS TMB can easily be moved to where it is needed by lift truck.

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