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The RUD TECDOS TMB industrial workbench with turnover device is operated using a cordless screwdriver. Thanks to its compact dimensions and lightweight construction, it can be used anywhere on-site. It can be transported easily with a lift truck.

Turning and maintaining tools and moulds has never been so easy as with the TECDOS TMB industrial workbench with integrated turnover device. Efficiency, occupational safety and optimising the turning and maintenance processes are given highest priority.

RUD TECDOS TMB: Construction and components.

The TECDOS TMB, which combines a turnover device with an industrial workbench, rotates moulds and tools weighing up to 2.5 tonnes with the aid of a cordless screwdriver.

RUD TECDOS TMB cordless screwdriver.

Simply use the cordless screwdriver to operate the RUD TECDOS TMB.

RUD TECDOS TMB table platforms (optional).

PE plates for damping and increasing safety

To the RUD TECDOS TMB table plates.
RUD TECDOS TMB storage surfaces (optional).

400 mm x 800 mm
Storage surfaces on the side

  • For storing your accessories safely
  • Makes it easier to work and mount moulds and tools on the TECDOS TMB

Advantages TECDOS TMB industrial workbench with integrated turnover device:

  • Turns moulds and objects up to 90°
  • Holds moulds securely when tilted (for example, at 45°)
  • Maintenance, assembly, or dismantling tasks can be performed on the working platforms
  • Adjustable table height ensures work on moulds and other objects can be performed ergonomically
  • Moulds are turned using a cordless screwdriver, so there is no need for additional electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic power
  • Problem-free integration in existing workshop processes
  • RUD TECDOS chain drive: robust, low-maintenance, and durable

TECDOS TMB table plates:

Standard table plates
T-slot plate
Table plates with cutout

Technical data RUD TECDOS TMB industrial workbench with turnover device:

Type Table surface Table Top Height Load-bearing capacity Weight Included accessories
W (mm) L (mm) in mm in kg approx. in kg
TMB 08/08-2,5 Basic 800 800 860 + 5 2.500 270 -
TMB 08/08-2,5 Expert 800 800 860 + 5 2.500 310 storage surface; PE-Plate

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