Flexibly turns, rotates, and tilts tools weighing up to 64 tonnes.

The RUD TECDOS TM turning table, also referred to as a "turning crossbeam", "tool mover" or "tool-handling machine", turns, rotates, and tilts moulds in a matter of seconds, at the touch of a button. The compact turning fixture does not need to be anchored to the floor. This means it can easily be moved using a forklift.

Turning injection moulded tools and moulds has never been so safe or so efficient. The payback period for the RUD TECDOS TM turning table is less than one year. This makes the RUD TECDOS TM the most cost-effective means of avoiding damage and risks to operators.

RUD TECDOS TM: Construction and components.

The RUD TECDOS TM turning table is controlled remotely and can turn, rotate, or tilt moulds weighing up to 64 tonnes in a matter of seconds.

RUD TECDOS TM platforms.

On request, you can get a bespoke platform for your RUD TECDOS TM. Choose a platform that is specifically tailored to your requirements or contact us with your enquiry.

To the RUD TECDOS TM plates.
RUD TECDOS TM contact protection (optional).

  • Protects operators from reaching into the danger zone (crushing hazard)
  • Protective yellow/black plate
RUD TECDOS TM guard bracket (optional).

Hoop design provides distance protection:

  • for the front zone
  • for the rear zone

  • RUD VLBG-PLUS load ring
  • Optimized load-bearing capacity: captive exchangeable ICE bolt
  • Bracket adjustable in direction of force

Advantages TECDOS TM:

  • RUD TECDOS TM handles tools without damaging them
  • Guarantees the safety of the operator
  • Ergonomic mould handling
  • Operation by a single employee
  • Turn tools and moulds more quickly and cheaply
  • Robust, flexible, and low-maintenance turning fixture, tailored to suit your needs
  • Guarantee can be extended

    RUD TECDOS TM plates:

    Standard plates

    Standard plates with cutout

    PE plates

    T-slot plate

    Indiviudal mounting holes

    Coil / wire reel holder

    Support slats

    Table plates with cutout

    Centering aid

    Support brackets with centering aids

    Individually according to your wishes

    Coil prism with recess also for cylindrical parts

    Technical data RUD TECDOS TM turning table:

    Type Table surface Table top height Load-bearing capacity Weight
    W (mm) L (mm) in mm in kg approx. in kg
    TM 08/10-5 800 1,000 542 5,000 600
    TM 08/13-10 800 1,300 595 10,000 1,050
    TM 13/13-10 1,300 1,300 595 10,000 1,150
    TM 15/18-16 1,500 1,800 885 16,000 3,700
    TM 20/20-20 2,000 2,000 885 20,000 4,000
    TM 20/25-25 2,000 2,500 1,167 25,000 8,000
    TM 25/25-32 2,500 2,500 1,167 32,000 8,000
    TM 25/25-40 2,500 2,500 1,167 40,000 8,000
    TM 25/35-64 2,500 3,500 2,075 64,000 17,000

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