Cool move – even for five-tonne tools

New: The tried-and-tested M 08/10-5 RUD TECDOS TM turning table is now also available as a “small version”

Moves tools and moulds weighing up to five tonnes: The new RUD TECDOS TM 08/10-5. The “small version” of the tried-and-tested turning table picks up injection moulds weighing up to five tonnes and turns them gently and safely. With its latest innovation, RUD, the specialist for drive technology based in Aalen (Baden-Württemberg), is further expanding its Mould Handling Solutions division. The five-tonne version closes the gap between the classic RUD TECDOS TM for tools and moulds up to 64 tonnes and the RUD TECDOS TMB, the 2-in-1 combination of industrial workbench and turnover device, for tools and moulds up to 2.5 tonnes. RUD is therefore positioning itself once again as a solution provider for consistent tool handling.


“Manufacturers of plastic parts for the automotive sector, clients from the medical technology sector, packaging manufacturers and anyone who uses injection moulding tools all have a reason to be happy: We now also have a solution for safe, efficient and ergonomic handling of moulds and tools weighing up to five tonnes,” explains Anne Kühling, Product Manager in the Conveyor & Drive division at RUD Ketten Rieger & Dietz GmbH u. Co. KG. “With the new weight class of the RUD TECDOS TM, we have perfectly complemented and consistently expanded our mould handling portfolio,” Kühling continues.

Turning five tonnes efficiently and safely.

The five-tonne version of the RUD TECDOS TM accommodates up to five tonnes of heavy tools and moulds on the 80 x 100 cm table surface. The turning table is predestined for use in the injection moulding industry. But the five-tonne turning table also optimises processes in tool and mould making, in stamping, bending and forming technology, in the automotive sector and in the electronics and packaging industry.

With its compact size, which requires a floor space of approx. 140 x 80 cm x 100 cm, the five-tonne version of the RUD TECDOS TM saves plenty of space and can be moved by industrial truck, forklift, or crane.

Turning in 30 seconds .

Compared to tool handling with a crane, turning with the RUD TECDOS TM 08/10-5 is at least twice as fast and takes just half a minute. Plugs or cooling hoses, which often have to be removed during crane maintenance for safety reasons, can simply remain attached during maintenance with the innovative turnover device from RUD.

An eye an ergonomics and occupational safety.

The RUD TECDOS TM 08/10-5 is revolutionising the processes in the maintenance and servicing of moulds and tools and enables absolutely BGV-compliant safe working practices. Anyone who drags loads across the hall floor with a crane or pulls them at an angle is not only working in a fire-hazardous manner, but also against the current standards in §37 of the accident prevention regulations for cranes of the employers' liability insurance associations.

Demand from the market.

“The impetus for the development of our Mould Handling Solutions all came directly from the market. This was also the case with our extension, the five-tonne variant of the RUD TECDOS TM. This shows that the need and demand for efficient, safe and ergonomic handling solutions for moulds and tools of different weight classes is still high,” says Kühling.

More than ten years ago, RUD launched its first innovation in the field of Mould Handling: The RUD TECDOS TM turning table for tools and moulds weighing up to 64 tonnes. Gradually, further developments were added. The Mould Handling Solutions division now comprises four products in total for turning, opening and closing tools: The classic RUD TECDOS TM, the turning table, and RUD TECDOS TS, the tool separator, and its bench versions for tools up to 2.5 tonnes, the RUD TECDOS TMB and TSB.